The fresh and youthful PIVO & BAR is located in the centre of the city, at the gateway of Madách Square in Gozsdu courtyard, waiting for everybody, ever day of the week, to enjoy the lowest of the usual price range of the neighborhood. The bar with industrial atmosphere, but not at all ruin-pub style, was formerly known as Pivobär. After some restructuring, we started our new life as PIVO & BAR. We have added a back space of 100 square metres and a great selection of drinks to the place formerly only focusing on its beer choices. The bar is open all year round and has a cosy covered terrace with 50 seats which in summer is complemented by an additional open terrace.

From Thursday to Saturday, in the otherwise quiet and relaxing PIVO, the first louder decibels sound at 20 o’clock when the DJs are taking responsibility for the atmosphere. From popular radio toplist songs, through the hip-hop, and reggaeton to the hottest R&B we chose to create a music palette to make everyone’s favourite day at PIVO. At the various evening events, PIVO’s disc jockeys are accompanied by the performances of dancers in stunning costumes.
Molded and bottled, light and brown, homemade and flavoured, Belgian and Dutch – everything that is PIVO! Some real specialties can be found in our great beer selection, not to mention Paulaner that can only be found here. Beers, wines and splashes, the real rarity of the bar is a tea-based liqueur, straight from the Tátra, available in various flavours.
Our guests with a big appetite don’t have to hold themselves back neither – on our menu we offer delicious meals, tasty bites, pizzas, salads and complete lunch or dinner options. Our pride of the house is PIVO Burger and PIVO Favourite Pizza, but even grilled camembert can be ordered with fruity caramel and mixed salad with cranberry-vinaigrette.