Is Budapest Dirty?


What if we say that it is very dirty, because we like it dirty and the crazy panda living in the concrete jungle feels the same way too? Before you would send a greenpeace commando to Pivo & Bar, looking for a panda to rescue her, we would like to warn you because our panda will make your activists drunk! Like super drunk, that actually they will be the ones needing somebody to rescue them…

Bar Budapest with a Dirty Panda

We guarantee you that this crazy night only happened in your wildest dreams until Pivo made it come true with the Dirty Panda Party. Imagine a hyperactive panda girl turning our Budapest bar upside down. Forget about the fluffy and chubby Kung Fu Panda, because this sexy bear only knows one thing and it’s not connected to any of the oriental martial arts for sure. She gives you the experience of visual arts: The kind of ones when you see the world in a real different way, because she is pouring vodka into our guests’ mouth all night long.


 Panda see Panda do at Pivo bar

This is not the average see and do kind of game, we play roughly and wild, but one thing is for sure: if you dare to join us in the game you will never regret it! So, if you come to Budapest, do what the pandas do, just simply drink and dance all night. Stop whispering and chanting ‘inner peace’ in the corner of your hotel room, you will have time to relax when you go home from your Budapest trip! Set your party animal free, let it join to our party animal and let’s see what the night will bring. But it’s more likely that you will roll home like pandas do…


Panda Time in Gozsdu Court – Pivo

One question is still there: When and where can you meet with the panda? The answer is simply: Every Thursday in Pivo & Bar (13/14. Madách Imre út, Budapest – Gozsdu Court). If you want to celebrate with the panda or make sure you can sit somewhere after she is burning up the dancefloor with you, contact with our managers on the following phone number: +36 70 631 8672 .

Ask our photographer to make a nice shot of you or take a selfie and don’t forget to tag us @pivobargozsdu and use the #DirtyPandaParty hashtag. Follow us on Facebook (@pivobarbudapest), so you will see your pictures in our best of gallery.


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(Btw  answering the main question: Budapest is not dirty compared to other big cities.)