We like Budapest black!


They say once you go black, you will never go back. – Actually this is completely true if it comes to our Friday parties, when Pivo turns from a bar into the hottest club in town with the greatest R’n’B hits ever. We will make sure you won’t regret to go black with us. So join us and feel Like a Black!

“This is how we do it”

For the perfect black music party you need somebody who has sophisticated musical taste and music is flowing in his veins. Who would be better in Hungary than DJ Ben Jr. and his TOP R’n’B DJ friends? After traveling around the whole of Europe to make hundreds of thousands dance with their crazily good mixes, now they entertain you in Pivo & Bar. They will make you bounce, shake, twist and twerk that way that you will forget about your problems for some time and dance in a carefree mood.


“Get it on the floor”

Real life starts at the dancefloor where we recall the spirit of old times when battles and dance shows were spicing up club life. Our permanent guests are the best dance crews of Budapest with their young talents. They can show you what they got from their momma with some hot moves. So get the groove from them, get on the dance floor, dip it low and we will turn up the music when your song just comes on.

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“Lean back”

Sit back and relax, just chill with your friends and enjoy how quality music is satisfying your soul. Enjoy Pivo’s exclusive VIP services and sip a bottle of your favorite drink nice and slow while the evening goes.

Make table reservation in time: +36 70 631 8672.


“All the single ladies”

Before we forget about the best part of our Friday nights: The most beautiful girls always come to Pivo to end their week very well. And you can be “their very well” and enjoy the company of some sexy troublemakers if you want to. You have concerns how you will find the most beautiful single lady? – Don’t worry when the party gets to that point she will put her hands up!

You find hot single ladies in bar Budapest! Pivo is for you!


“Hey, where the party at?”

No matter where you came from and where you want to go to, the only thing we know where you are supposed to be. To make it easy we help you with the address to the best Budapest bar where real nightlife starts and you can throw the craziest black music parties on every Friday: 13/14. Madách Imre út, Budapest (Gozsdu Udvar). Follow our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pivobarbudapest) for more details about our Like a Black parties!