The ultimate bar at Budapest


Everybody who is traveling abroad wants to have fun. If you want to taste the feeling how the locals are living and you feel like diving into real pleasure after seeing the historical places in our capital city, you need to visit the best Budapest bar in town!

It’s the heart of Budapest where real life starts for tourists. The concrete jungle opens up a new world for those who love to party. Downtown the ruin pubs and bars are ruling the nightlife with their special interior design. This minimalist and edgy industrial feeling  with a hint of fancy designer elements is so determinative in our party district called Gozsdu court.

Probably the most exciting bar in Budapest

Of all the clubs and bars the best place thats’ name became equal with quality hospitality and entertaining is Pivo & Bar, the alpha and omega of Budapest bars. This special place satisfies everybody from those who want to drink craft beer or a classic rosé spritz to those who want to throw the craziest party in town. At the same time you can choose from a wide variety of street food and dips.

If you are celebrating your birthday, name day, bachelor or bachelorette party, graduation, the best Budapest bar to choose is Pivo. Why? – Because we know how to make an event unforgettable for our guests.

In Pivo & Bar it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, you can chill inside with our air conditioner or find a cosy and warm spot under our blankets while sitting next to one of our terrace heaters. After a sweet lunch or dinner you can fix your makeup in our restroom and refresh yourself before the sun goes down and nightlife takes you away into the world of carefree enjoyment!

So if comes to hanging out with your friends on a holiday and find new friends from our city, the best Budapest bar to visit is Pivo & Bar! So get your freakum dress on, bring your dancing mood and get the real Budapest vibes from us!


Contact Us

Find us in the heart of Gozsdu Udvar under 13/14 Madách Imre út, Budapest.

If you couldn’t find the information you’ve been looking for, feel free to contact with our helpful Pivo Crew and write an e-mail for the following address:

In case you want to make sure you have a place where you can enjoy our drinks and foods with your friends, make a reservation by calling +36 70 631 86 72.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram (@pivobargozsdu), so maybe you can find your own in our best party photo collections.

Our Services

We try to give our best to our guests with high standard services and goods on an affordable price.

Drinks, cocktails of Pivo and bar

Drink your favorite beer, try our specialties from the best breweries all around the world, spice up your night with some spirits, shots and delicious cocktails or enjoy our wide variety of soft drinks, home made syrups and quality teas and coffees.



No matter if it’s lunch or dinner, you will find something for your taste at Pivo. Choose from our pizzas, hamburgers or just simply order one of our dips.

Ultimate bar at Budapest – Exciting parties!

If you are still hungry for something more, don’t miss our parties where your soul can et satisfaction from the mix of the best djs in town. If you are planning to throw a big party and want to celebrate, our event organisers can help you to enjoy the night of your life with VIP treatment.

You can sit out at the open terrace or sit back and relax in a comfortable sofa inside. After having diner and enjoying a gastronomic journey you can find yourself in the middle of a Latin American or Afro American party. With the best Hungarian djs you will reborn in the carnival feeling of reggaeton music or in the hot beats of R’n’B. Let the quality black music fulfill your soul and the latin melodies call your body into new life every week while you are drinking your favorite cocktail.


Our Story

It all started as Pivobär some years ago as the number one place where you could taste the best beers on town. After restructuring the place we reborn as  PIVO and BAR a few years ago and established one of, if not the most popular bars in Gozsdu. While the old Pivo focused more on the beers, today we have a wide variety of drinks and delicious streetfoods.

To give more pleasure we also put a big emphasis on our parties from Thursday night till Sunday dawn, when dancing to the greatest hits and living in a carefree enjoyment takes the main role. The new Pivo is a demanding bar, a premium club and a quality restaurant in one.


This is what they think about us:

“Relaxed, friendly. Good location. Good food and drink.” – Anthony Melvin

“Pivo is definitely worth a visit. Great food and an amazing service! We simply fell in love with this beautiful bistro, in the heart of Budapest, and decided to visit the place two times on our four day trip. Thank you for this wonderful experience and the lovely present we got from you guys. Until next time!” – Claus Jon Steinhaugen

“Nice service and wonderful time. We are thinking to do another party.” – Coach-Sergio Varela

Our contacts again:

Gozsdu Udvar under 13/14 Madách Imre út, Budapest

+36 70 631 86 72


Instagram @pivobargozsdu